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Short cut to obtain a highly recognized Accounting Diploma, Degree, Chartered Accountant

As explained, ACCA Qualification is a highly recognized Accounting Certification.

Let me sum up in 3 clear headings:

No Minimum Age or Qualification Required

You may have just finished your O Level awaiting results. Yes, you can take ACCA, the challenge is to pass the papers. Check out my classes that give you the Best Chance of Passing. Wait no longer, SMS Sue Kam at 96323790 to get started.

Staged Progression

ACCA is such that;

  • Upon passing the first 3 papers ie F1, F2, F3, you will get a Diploma in Accounting & Business

  • Then you can stop and later continue on with paper F4 to F9. After you cleared all the papers F4 through F9, you are eligible to get on the Oxford Brooked University program, something like upon passing a Thesis (somewhat difficult) and some Ethics simple module (not difficult) you will get a BSc(Hons) in Applied Accounting

  • Then you can proceed with the balance 4 ACCA Professional Papers. Together with relevant working experiences, you can get a Chartered Accountant certification. You need to take note that you need to closely ensure that your employer sigh off your work experiences and PER (Performance Objectives) as there is nothing much ACCA can do if your ex-employer/s are not willing to sign off for you later on. That's the reality quite a number of ACCA graduates face, where they are eligible for the Chartered Accountant certification in terms of academic qualifications and work experiences but could not get there as they are unable to get sign off by their employers or ex-employers. But don't worry too much as you will be able to deal with that when you get there.

Options of Full Time, Part Time, Online or Self Study

There is absolutely not compulsory to attend any official classes for ACCA. The key is "as long as you can pass the exam". If you can self study for certain subject/s, you save costs as you only need too pay the exam fees. Watch the video below on my explanations on my ACCA Classes for F1, F2, F3. I am seriously offering a Guaranteed Pass classes (see terms and conditions).

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