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Student Comments (A Level 9755) 
Results for Actual GCE A Level POA
Students' Report card (SIM/SUSS, Poly, Uni)

A Level POA Results 2017 for December 2016 Examination

Outstanding Results Achievement! From U to A, within one (1) year of private tutoring with Sue Kam in 2016, Chia Kai Yi (Millenia Institute) scored A for H2 POA Paper 9755. Grade prior to Sue Kam’s tuition: U. Grade for A Level (H2) POA 2016: A


Chia Kai Yi

Millennia institute (class of 2016)


First and foremost, I would like to sincerely thank Sue for all her efforts and commitment in teaching the subject POA. She is a very patient and understanding person to let you understand the real logic behind the question. This will prompt you to grasp the true knowledge of POA. Taking myself as an example, i used to score SINGLE DIGITS for all my accounting examinations from year 1 to year 2. I gave up hope on the subject and all i wish was to pass POA for my A levels. Approaching the end of Year 2, i found sue through her website and contacted her. She came to teach me and was very patient in ensuring that i understand. After a few months under her coaching, my exam grades had a huge jump to a pass and then to a B for the rest of my prelims. As my A level results came, I GOT AN A FOR MY POA!!! Sue is the best teacher I have ever come across! But, most importantly we ourselves have to work hard , the teacher is only there to guide and nurture us. YOUR OWN HARD WORK AND COMMITMENT TO THE SUBJECT IS THE ESSENTIAL FACTOR. Once again I will like to thank sue, for her guidance and faith in me!

— Chia Kai Yi, GCE A level (9755) 2016 candidate, Singapore 2017.

A Level POA Results 2018 for December 2017 Examination

Samantha Foo

Millenia Institute (class of 2017)



A Level POA Results 2019 for December 2018 Examination


Leonard Wong

Private Candidate (class of 2018)


SIM/ UniSim


Kthi scored B for Management Accounting after approximately 6 sessions of tutoring with Sue Kam.


Rita scored B for Management Accounting after approximately 3 sessions of tutoring with Sue Kam.



 Karen Seah  scored B for Management Accounting after 1 session of tutoring with Sue Kam.


 Audrey Sim scored B for Management Accounting after approximately 4 sessions of tutoring with Sue Kam.



Ngee Ann Poly

 Wei Liang scored A for Financial Accounting after several months of tutoring with Sue Kam.



Vani from SUSS scored B- for Financial Accounting at first attempt after several sessions of tutoring with Sue Kam.


Melody from Temasek Poly scored A for Management Accounting & Finance after several tutoring sessions with Sue Kam.



Andrew whom is a professional engineer without any prior accounting background, scored C+ for Financial Accounting after 3-4 (can't remember very exactly) tutoring sessions with Sue Kam.



Chia Hean scored B for Management Accounting after a few tutoring sessions with Sue Kam.


Singapore Polytechnic, Diploma in Accounting

The Success Story: Yun Shan's parents engage Sue Kam to tutor her from her penultimate year through her graduation for most of her subjects ie Taxation, Advanced Management Accounting, Advanced Financial Accounting (Financial Reporting), Auditing & Assurance and Financial Management. Despite the rigour in these subjects, Yun Shan passed all these subjects first time, post-engagement of Sue Kam's tutoring. It is also obvious that she improved in grade/s for some of these subjects where comparison is possible, against the the same/similar, pre-engagement, subjects which she took in year 1 which was less rigourous.



Danielle Sng scored B for both Income Tax (ACC213) and Financial Management (FIN304). Despite the rigour of these subjects, the hard work of both Danielle and her tutor Sue Kam, has paid off. The tutoring sessions for these subjects were not structured in the typical top down teaching methodology but more of a peer guidance concept, though Sue Kam is much ahead academically in these subjects.

and many more....


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Danielle Sng conversation with Sue Kam, 2021
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