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GCE A Level POA H2 9593 (New Syllabus)

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

SEAB have changed POA (Principles of Accounting) syllabus. Those taking exam in year 2019 will still be under the old syllabus ie. 9755, while those taking exams from year 2020 will be examined under the new syllabus 9593. Read on....

New Syllabus 9593 for A Level for year 2020 on
A Level POA H2 9593 New Syllabus

Principles of Accounting A Level GCE 9593
A Level H2 POA 9593 (New Syllabus)

I have just browsed through the SEAB GCE A Level POA 9593 (New Syllabus) to be examined from Year 2020 onwards.

Students should not be overly worried as it is not a total changed from the old 9755 syllabus. I gauge the differences is about 30% from that of the old syllabus. Some key differences I noted are:

* Assumed use of Perpetual Inventory System instead of Periodic Inventory System

* Statement of Changes in Equity

* Abolishment of Par Value, Share Premium and Capital Redemption Reserve on Ordinary and Preference Shares

* Cost Flows on Prime Cost and Conversion Cost

* Capital Investment Analysis

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