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Our Training is free from Paid Advertisements and Commissioned Sales

Have you ever attended public courses or training which are obviously loaded with paid advertising and commissioned sales? We know how you feel. There is so much of distractions, the feeling of being made used of, the pushes and obligations to purchase or subscribe for more. We can understand if it were free public courses but not the ones which we paid full prices for.

At Sue Kam Accounting Pte. Ltd., we commit to our policy on not airing any paid advertisements from any other organisation or person and we do not make commissioned sales during our Training on Do Your Own Company Accounts, Secretarial & Tax.

During the Training, we may;

* refer you to certain sites, such as ACRA, IRAS or other websites as they provide the necessary information but we do not get any form of payment from them for advertising.

* direct you to certain videos, such as those available on YouTube as they offer good information

* introduce Sue Kam Accounting Pte. Ltd. and our services

By abiding to our policy, we will have no financial incentive to recommend any purchase or subscription that are not genuinely good, necessary or are at substantially inflated prices to our clients. In fact, our so called sales or advertising are mostly unintentional but it is an integral part of our Training. We actually DO NOT advertise, I mean we do not intentionally and well plan for any advertising. For example, we may introduce to you an informative article or a free e-learning on IRAS website. We cannot be said to be not indirectly advertising for IRAS but the fact is, we receive no money from IRAS for advertising for them. In this way, we will provide a more conducive learning environment to our training participants, free from distractions and obligations. Training participants who wish to introduce any products / services may distribute / exchange name cards.

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