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We offer:
  • Accounting Tuition for A Level 9755 , 9593 (new syllabus)

  • ACCA Paper F2 (FMA) & F3 (FFA) small group classes

  • One to one academic tutoring for Cost Accounting, Management Accounting and Financial Accounting for Degree, Diploma, ACCA Paper F2, ACCA Paper F1, F2, F3, F5 (PM), F6 (Tax), F7(FR)

Our Exceptional Quality ACCA Classes are now conducted via interactive online for Students from ALL COUNTRIES

Our recommended sequence

Students are allowed to take the 3 ACCA (Foundation) subjects in any sequence. Our recommended sequence is :

  1. Take F3 (FFA) first,

  2. Then take F2 (FMA)

  3. Lastly, take F1 (FAB)

Oxford Brookes University BSc program which is in collaboration with ACCA will end in year 2026. Always check ACCA website for the latest updates https://www.accaglobal.com/gb/en/student/exam-entry-and-administration/oxford-brookes-bsc-hons-in-applied-accounting/completion-deadline---2026.html

One-to-One  Tuition                                                                           Small Group Classes

One to one ACCA tuition for All Subjects! See our Latest Special Offer

ACCA F3 (FFA) Foundation in Financial Accounting

Other subject offered by Sue Kam for one to one tuition;

ACCA F5 Performance Management (PM)

ACCA F6 Taxation (TX)

ACCA F7 Financial Reporting (FR)

Rate for one to one tuition at student’s home:

For every lesson, first hour $100/= subsequent hours at $50/= per hour. For example, a 2 hours lesson cost $100+$50=S$150/= while a 3 hours lesson cost $100+$50+$50= $200/=.

Extras (Special Prices for our students only):

1. One off purchase of Tuition Notes at special price S$50/= 


1. Flexible lesson scheduling

2. Save travelling time 

3. Lesson specifically suited to individual learning

4. No minimum age requirement or prior accounting knowledge needed

5. For one to one tuition, it is possible for Sue Kam to effectively finish the syllabus for FFA within 5 lessons of 3 hours each, with students who have prior accounting knowledge, whom are hard-working, disciplined and have time to study. Students lacking any of these attributes may need more lessons.


  • Lynne Chin Passed FFA after only 7 Lessons of 3 hours each with Sue Kam

  • Eunice passed FA after 10 Lessons of 2 hours each with Sue Kam, year 2021, Singapore.

Online Zoom Tuition Classes for Paper F3 (FFA) Foundation in Financial Accounting 

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By: Sue Kam S.C.​

Promotional Price Per Subject : S$477/= for 13 lessons of 3 hours per lesson (Normal Price is S$975/=)

  • Includes online e-materials (you need to print out the physical copies from your end)

  • 2 hours one to one consultation which can be utilize for ACCA student and/or exam registration, learning strategies, preparations necessary for the classes (worth S$150/=)

  • with live interaction with tutor as it is a small class of maximum 25 students

  • Students will need to prepare additional about S$27/= for test papers purchase and need to print out the test papers from your end.

Duration: 13 Lessons plus one session of 2 hours one to one consultation

Class Commencement Date: 

7 August 2021 (Saturday) 9am to 12 noon. All lessons will on Saturday 9am to 12 noon. Lesson Dates in year 2021 are:  7 August, 14 August, 21 August, 28 August, 4 Sept, 11 Sept , 25 Sept, 2 Oct , 9 Oct , 23 Oct, 30 Oct, 6 Nov  and 20 Nov

​​Refund Policy: 

If the lesson/s is cancelled by us due to unforeseen circumstances, we will give full refund for the lesson/s cancelled.

​If the lesson/s is cancelled by our students, there will be no cash refund but we will allow 50% of the lesson/s fee to be converted into credit for our other educational services such as one-to-one tuition. 

Features ;

1. Small group of maximum 25 pax

2. Highly effective.

3. Lessons schedule will be fixed in advance. 


For group classes, students need to have some prior accounting knowledge such as;

  • Studied for Principles of Accounts at GCE N, O or A Level or

  • Have practical accounting work experiences, or

  • Other form of accounting studies such as self learning /reading, LCCI or others, or

  • Have other practical accounting experiences such as own business.

Pre-commencement preparations:

Our students will be added to our Whatsapps group chat (your phone number will be visible to other students) and our course materials will be shared with our students on Google Drive. Students must adhere to our instructions before commencement of the course and during the ongoing of the course.  Student's mobile number, email addresses and other information such as profile names and pictures will be visible to other fellow students and students are taken to agree to this. Students are not allowed to share information on this Whatsapps group and Google Drive with any other person outside of this group.

We are different in terms of course delivery, exam strategy and we give you the best chance to pass the subject at the shortest possible time!!

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Fact Sheet

International Home Learning Program – International

Estimated Costs for Diploma in Accounting & Business

Initial Registration fee                                                     USD      63

First year annual fee                                                         USD      82

Second year annual fee                                                   USD    157

Exam fee USD 100 x 3 subjects                                     USD    300

Home Learning Program USD 350 x 3 subjects        USD 1,050

Other Misc                                                                           USD      60


Approx Total                                                                       USD 1,712 *


* exclude printing, stationery, home wifi, electricity, computer usage and is on the assumption if student pass first time for all subjects. This is just an approximate cost, actual cost may be more, please provide approximately USD 1,900.

Note: Classes and Exams will be conducted in English Language. Students should be reasonably good in Listening and Written English Language.

Class Schedule for Financial Accounting (FA)

* we reserve the right to reschedule lessons (or refund on unutilized lesson) due to unforeseen circumstances on our end

13 Live Online Lessons Plus one Preparation Class                                                                                                                        


Preparation Class          Arrange individually                  2 hours

Lesson 1           Saturday 7 August 2021             9 am to 12 noon                                                                               

Lesson 2           Saturday 14 August 2021          9 am to 12 noon                         

Lesson 3           Saturday 21 August 2021          9 am to 12 noon                         

Lesson 4           Saturday 28 August 2021          9 am to 12 noon                                                                               

Lesson 5           Saturday 4 Sept 2021             9 am to 12 noon                         

Lesson 6           Saturday 11 Sept 2021           9 am to 12 noon                         

Lesson 7           Saturday 25 Sept 2021           9 am to 12 noon                                                                               

Lesson 8           Saturday 2 October 2021             9 am to 12 noon                         

Lesson 9           Saturday 9 October 2021           9 am to 12 noon                         

Lesson 10         Saturday 23 October 2021           9 am to 12 noon                                                                               

Lesson 11         Saturday 30 October 2021               9 am to 12 noon                         

Lesson 12         Saturday 6 November 2021            9 am to 12 noon                         

Lesson 13         Saturday 20 November 2021            9 am to 12 noon       


Targeted Exam Date for FA: 23 November 2021

Targeted Exam Date for MA: 28 February 2022

Targeted Exam Date for BT: 28 June 2022

Targeted Date to obtain Diploma in Accounting & Business: July 2022


To Start, please Register for upcoming Financial Accounting (FA) classes with Sue Kam https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/149500946355

Once you have Registered, we will arrange to follow up with you.

One to One ACCA Tutition
Chartered Accountant Home Learning Program
Chartered Accountant Home Learning Program 2
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