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Pte Ltd Company Secretaries Need Not Be Professionally Qualified

Firstly, you need to Read The Companies Act Section 171. Read already? Very complicated isn't it? Let me simplify it and highlight to you some of the key points:

Generally, Company Secretaries of Private Limited Companies in Singapore need not have any special Professional Qualifications such as being a Chartered Accountant, Qualified Lawyer or such, except in certain cases as specified under the Companies Act.

Basically, in Laymen term:

  1. Company Director/s should ensure that the Company Secretary know and does his/her job properly.

  2. Company Secretary, as the name implies, is the Secretary of the Company. You should think of the Secretary of your class, clubs or associations during your school days.

  3. If you need more details, you should check on Section 171 of the Singapore Companies Act, chapter 50.

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