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  • Training on Do Your Own Company Accounts, Secretarial & Tax

  • Ad-Hoc Individual Corporate Accounting Coaching

  • Accounting, Tax and Secretarial Services for all Companies & Businesses

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Training on Do Your Own Company Accounts, Secretarial & Tax

Accounting Short Course for SME, Singapore

Total Duration Physical Classroom Training is 14 hours . There will be an optional 2 hours post course assessment.

For enquiries, email: or call/sms 96323790 (Sue Kam) or call our office at 66942090.


Training on Do Your Own Company Accounts, Secretarial & Tax

Course Details

Conducted By: Kam Suet Cheng (Sue)

For Enquiry, SMS Sue Kam at 96323790

Training Date: 

The next upcoming training date is:

April 18 (Saturday) & April 19 (Sunday) 10am to 6pm both days.


Course Fee: S$688/= (no GST) per participant. 

Assessment Fee: S$100/- (Optional) per participant (assessment date to be confirmed at commencement of course) (compulsory for Employer who want to claim Training GrantSpecial offer for Companies claiming Training Grant!! Assessment fee waived for Companies sign ups!

Maximum Class size : 4 training participants

Walk in Registration: 151 Chin Swee Road,

                                           #10-12 Manhattan House, 

                                           Singapore 169876.

Office Hours: 9.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday

Lunch Time: 12.30pm to 1.30pm

Please SMS Hp: 96323790 for appointment for walk in registration


No minimum qualification requirement, no prior accounting knowledge is necessary. Must understand simple spoken and written English.

Training Course coverage:

1. Company Incorporation

2. Prepare full set of financial statements (including Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flows)

3. Book Keeping for Full Set of Accounts

4. Company Secretarial Matters

5. Tax Computation & Tax submission through Form C-S (for companies with revenue below S$5 million per year)

6. Brief browse on company and commercial law

This would basically covers all that is needed to handle a small or medium, solvent private limited company (revenue below S$5 million per year) with no corporate shareholders. A small company would therefore only incur $315/= for a one-off incorporation fee and a yearly recurring annual filing fee of $60/=. This training is also suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs, with or without Chartered Accountant qualifications, thinking of setting up a business in providing book keeping, accounting, secretarial and tax services. 

Note: Accounting Software will NOT be taught at all in this training as we feel that it is not necessary.

Course also Includes:

  1. Hard & Soft Copies of course materials (editable sample documents such as Financial Statements, Company Registers, Minutes, Cash Book, Book Keeping, Forms & Our Super Simple Accounts Template 1,2,3)Template 4, 5 & 6  (with customization),  will not be included in this course but is available at extra costs. Soft Copies of materials will be shared on Google Drive (two months access will be given) and participants' email address will be visible to other participants. You would be deemed to have given us consent to share your email address on Google Drive when you take up our services / products.

  2. Assessment (for those who opted for it)

  3. Certificate of Attendance

  4. Certificate of Completion (for those who passed assessment)

Reference resources will be given for those who would like to do detailed post-course research and learning.

Disclaimer: Due to the inherent nature on these topics, we shall not be liable for any wrong,  inaccurate or incomplete information or advice/s or help provided by us (including by the trainer/s or anyone connected to us) in relation to this training. We will give our best endeavour to facilitate/guide our training participant/s to successfully manage their own company accounts and regulatory compliance. Due to the sophistication of information technology now a days, we are unable to guarantee that all our downloadable soft copies of files are free from virus/es, though we do not install any virus ourselves. You are advised to use reliable virus protection software.  Hard copies of materials will be given. In the unlikely event of any contingencies, we may need to cancel the training. If that happens, we will inform the participants and refund all fees collected in full to the participants, including SkillsFuture Credit collected by us. However, we have never cancelled any training before.

Interested participants, please SMS Sue Kam at 96323790, Office Tel No: 66942090 or email Advance payment of S$188/= is required for the course fee to be paid to either "Sue Kam Accounting Pte. Ltd." or to "Kam Suet Cheng". We will inform you on the payment modes.

Pte Ltd Company Secretaries Need Not Be Professionally Qualified

Note : Our Training is free from all kinds of paid advertising (No Paid advertising nor commissioned sales). During the training, we may refer you to certain sites, such as ACRA, IRAS or other websites as they provide the necessary information but we do not get any form of payment from them for advertising. Training participants who wish to introduce any products / services may distribute / exchange name cards. This will enable a more conducive learning environment without such distractions and without the feeling of being obliged to various purchases or subscriptions.

Good News! Our Training is Skill Future Claimable on a Nett Fee basis. Eligible participants with available Skill Future Credit will only need to pay $688 - $500 = $188 per Participant. All Singaporeans aged 25 and above will receive $500 credit from January 2016.  Participants will need to go to to apply to pay us using your Skill Future Credit preferbly at least one week before commencement of the Training. Click How to pay  course fee using skill future credit. Please contact us for us to email you a Proforma Invoice so that you can upload it when applying to use your SkillFuture Credit. Those who need help, please contact us at 66942090.

Course Reference Number : CRS-N-0050024

Course Title : Training on Do Your Own Company Accounts, Secretarial & Tax

School : Sue Kam Accounting Pte. Ltd.

Area of Training: Accounting, Banking & Finance

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Register Now by Paying via PayPal Button below. After payment, please SMS 96323790 or Call our office at 66942090 with your name and email address. Thanks!

Contact us for Our Accounting, Tax & Secretarial Services for your Company or Business.
  • Ad-hoc additional work. We can offer our help, at an add-on fee for certain related ad-hoc work, such as filling up compulsory Government Statistical forms, thus relieving clients of their headache and nightmares on dealing with these things.

  • 30% Discount for our current or ex-Training Participants, except for discounted offers.

  • Current Special Offer


  • All our services is subjected to our disclaimer : Sue Kam Accounting Pte Ltd (and/or Sue Kam), its staff, agents or contractors shall not be liable for any formal or informal advice/s, assistance/s or work/s given to anyone, whether contractual or not contractual and should be indemnified for services performed for our client/s, trainee/s or customer/s. And we will not be held responsible for any virus within our files we transmitted to you, due to sohistication of Information Technology nowadays, we can't have absolute control over this matter.

 To Proceed, SMS/Whatsapps Hp: 96323790 or Tel: 66942090  or Email:


Below is an estimated pricing of our services based on an example. This would be used as a reference point/guide for our fee quotations to clients, plus or minus, depending on the complexity and volume of the matter.


Company ABC :

  • Monthly bank statement 1 to 2 pages long, no foreign currency, only one local bank account, no cash or Director’s account.

  • No Stock

  • Not in specialized trade, its in normal trading or services business

  • One Director, whom is also the sole shareholder

  • Private Exempt, Solvent Company

  • Revenue up to S$250K

  • No GST

  • No unusual matters.

Estimated fee for Company ABC:

  1. Client engage us for monthly book-keeping, year end closing, secretarial & tax services;

Estimated fee per year:  S$2,000 to S$2,300


  • Monthly Book-Keeping ; Monthly Report produced -Receipt & Payment Account only, 6 monthly compilation.

  • Year End Closing ; Year end adjustments, including accruals & prepayments, Receivables & Payables.  Financial Statements prepared according to Singapore Financial Reporting Standard (SFRS) for Small Entities

  • Tax ; Submit ECI, (if necessary), Tax Computation & Form C-S

  • Secretarial; Yearly Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Annual Return

Optional Add On: Bank Reconciliation Statement (S$20 - S$200 per month) 


  2. Client engage us for monthly book-keeping, year end closing & tax services;

Estimated fee per year:  S$1,700 to S$2,000


3. Client engage us for year end closing & tax services;

Estimated fee:  S$1,600 to S$1,900

Minimum Fee per year: S$1,000 (if monthly book-keeping and accounts, including necessary year-end adjustments, are very well prepared)


4. Client engage us for Secretarial Services only;

Estimated fee per year: S$380/=


To Proceed, SMS Hp: 96323790 or Tel: 64520145  or Email:

 Sole Proprietor


Sole proprietor ABC :

  • Monthly bank statement or cash transactions of 1 to 2 pages long in total, no foreign currency, only one local bank or cash account.

  • No Stock

  • Not in specialized trade, its in normal trading or services business

  • One Sole Business owner

  • Revenue up to S$250K

  • No GST

  • No unusual matters.

Estimated fee for Sole Proprietor ABC:

  1. Client engage us for monthly book-keeping, year end closing & tax services;

Estimated fee per year:  S$1,600 to S$1,900 


  • Monthly Book-Keeping ; Monthly Report produced – Receipt & Payment Account, 6 monthly compilation

  • Year End Closing ; Year end adjustments, including accruals & prepayments, Receivables & Payables. Final Accounts prepared under GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)

  • Tax ; Tax Computation & Submit 4-Line Statement under Sole-Proprietor’s personal Income Tax together with Form B/B1

We are ACRA Registered Filing Agent

Training on Do Your Own Company Accounts,                          Accounting, Tax & Secretarial Services
Secretarial & Tax 
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