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Book Keeping Using Excel Templates

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Small and Medium Size Businesses (SMEs) can actually use Excel Templates to manage regular Book Keeping and Accounting instead of using expensive and difficult to use Accounting Softwares.

Here’s a tip:

I would show you 2 of my YouTube Videos below to give you an idea of how it can be done. Watch:

These are just my examples. You can actually modify them. In my other page, at Sue Kam Accounting Pte. Ltd., we actually provide the support.

Ad Hoc Accounting Coaching

 For ad-hoc individual coaching, either at our office or at yours, the fee is: For every session, $160 for  first hour, subsequent hours is at $100 per hour. For example, a 3 hours session would cost $160+$100+$100 = $360.  30% off for our current or ex-training participants. Cash or cheque payment at the start of the lesson, by appointment. Read more on our Disclaimer/s, other terms and conditions at https://www.doyourowncompanyaccounts.com/accounti

Our Super Simple Excel Accounts Template 4, 5 & 6  (with customization) will be available for post-course individual coaching clients.

These are Excel Accounts Template for book keeping which incorporate the following feature:

Yearly Compilation:

Template 1 : For First Year Small Businesses with only one bank account, no cash transactions

Template 2 : For First Year Small Businesses with bank & cash account

Template 3 : For subsequent years Small Businesses 

Monthly Compilation:

Template 4 : GST

Template 5 : Foreign currency bank account & Singapore bank account

Template 6 : GST & Foreign currency

 Suitability : Companies with revenue below S$1 million, though it is also possible for companies which revenue is between S$1 million but below S$5 million.

Advantages of using Excel Accounts Template v Accounting Software

1. Excel is a tool which most people are familiar with

2. You know the flow of information and the formula within the template, thus any further change or customization can be self-implemented

3. You can easily copy the template and re-customize it

4. As you know how the template works, you are not entirely dependent on external support

5. Adding / Deleting of sheets, rows, columns can be done ownself

6. Cheap and easy to use

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