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3 Steps Guide on How to Score A for A Level POA 9755 / 9593 (new syllabus)

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Students taking GCE A Level would aim to score A or at least B for at least 3 H2 subjects in order to avail themselves a place in a local university such as NTU, NUS, SMU for a good course such as Degree in Accountancy. As a hard but cruel truth, students who do not think they can achieve this aim may be better off embarking on studies such as ACCA, which we are offering.

I shall list down here 7 Steps Checklist on How to Score A for A Level POA 9755 / 9593;

Step 1

Download the relevant A Level Syllabus and set your motivation right

You need to set a clear direction of where you are heading and get focused on that. Do not study out of syllabus.

Step 2

Source for the relevant study materials

My recommendation for students would be;

For A Level POA Syllabus 9755

  1. Get hold of all the Past Years Questions. You can Purchase them from the SEAB approved publishers. Contact them. You may refer to my Suggested Answers to guide you. You should only use the answers as guide and not solely rely on the answers, meaning you should practice answering the questions yourself independently and then compare with the suggested answers.

  2. Watch A Level POA Videos on Youtube. Subscribe to SueKam100 Channels on Youtube. From here you will get the my explanations on the topics.

For A Level POA Syllabus 9593

Read my earlier blog on How to Study for A level POA 9593

Step 3

Engage an experienced and competent tutor

I don't mean to brag or to rob you, but I am the most suitable tutor for this subject to give you the best chance to score well on this subject. SMS Sue Kam at 96323790 for tuition enquiries.

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