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Sue Kam's Profile, Background, Professional works and Teaching Strategies

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Dear Parents and Students,

My name is Sue Kam (full name: Kam Suet Cheng). I am a Chartered Certified Accountant engaged in doing Professional Accounting, Compliances and other related services and I am also the tutor for A Level H2 Principles of Accounting (POA) Paper 9755 / 9593, Financial, Management and Cost Accounting for Polytechnics, Degree, Diploma and ACCA’s FIA Paper F1 (Foundation in Business and Technology), F2 (Foundation in Financial Management) and F3 (Foundation in Financial Accounting).


I started my career with KPMG Kuala Lumpur back in 1993 when I was 19 years old and at the same time studied an accounting professional qualification, MICPA (Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants). I worked at KPMG for 5 years as an audit professional and then came to Singapore in 1998 to work at Price Waterhouse Coopers (formerly was Coopers & Lybrand) and worked there as an audit senior for about a year. After that, I was an entrepreneur. I was dealing in Real Estate, Curtain Contracting Works and Accounting Related Services. Due to hectic work, I never completed the final stage of MICPA. Subsequently, I took ACCA myself and completed all the examinations and hence, I am an ACCA graduate. In addition, I have also obtained a BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brooked University. Since year 2008, I started teaching Accounting at GCE N, O and A Level, Degree, Diploma and ACCA, in addition to some Accounting Short Courses.


During my course of professional employment with KPMG and PWC, I felt that I had gained excellent technical competencies in Accounting but at times when I reflect on myself I felt I lack the practical understanding of my knowledge, which during my entrepreneurial I gradually translated those technical concepts and jargons into laymen understanding of the whole thing. Those coffee shop chats with small and big businesses owners and proprietors were my tuition sessions that translated my technical competencies into laymen understanding. I can particularly relate a time when an established investor relate to me his meeting with his fellow substantial shareholders of a Company and resolution reached through votes among them. I felt an UMMPH of my theoretical knowledge suddenly surface in real life, which gives me that deep sense of complete understanding and that sudden AAAH!


I started teaching in year 2008, which at that time, I wanted not only to just teach but to transfer as much as possible my knowledge, practical understanding, professional and entrepreneurial experiences to my students so that, hopefully, they can inherit my few decades of time spent in just a few short years or months of tutelage. While teaching, I am still learning, which I can particularly relate back to a time when I taught in a private school where a Chinese student asked me if Debit means Out as the Chinese Dictionary says so. My first reaction was HUH?? Wrong Definitely! But later I realized I was too quick to wrong that. I reflect back to the time when I was in KPMG preparing SSAF (Statement of Sources and Applications of Funds). I suddenly had that OH YA!! If you look at it, Credit is indeed the Source of Financing, coz when a business receives a sum of money, its either a sum earned, directly or indirectly borrowed or the business’ owner put in his own money. Hence, revenue, liabilities and capital are credit nature. Debit is indeed Out, as it is the Application of Funds, coz it is amount spent out on either expenses or non-current assets. In my more than one decade of teaching to date, I had much joy each time a student rejoiced on that UMMPH, AAAH! and OH YA! kind of sudden enlightenment understanding. I translate accounting jargons into practical understanding which I find most effective and useful to students.

A Level POA Tutor
Sue Kam (Full Name: Kam Suet Cheng)

ACCA Membership:

On the 13th December 2019, Sue Kam finally got her full ACCA Membership and is, from that date, officially a Chartered Certified Accountant. Due to her unique circumstances, the road towards this membership had been rough and tumultuous. She would like to thank many people whom had helped her through this difficult journey, in particular, her ACCA Mentor Suresh Oliver Lakes, ACCA Singapore team Mitchell Tee, Chia Yi Hui, Steve Lee, KPMG Kuala Lumpur Audit Partner Ms Chan Siew Mei, KPMG KL staff members such as Pauline Choong, Agnes Chong, Jane Cheng. She would also like to thank all those whom have given her encouragement throughout, such as Mr Nasir Sawal, Chia Kai Yi, Mr Tan Yam Beng and all those whom names she might have forgotten or missed out. With help of so many people, it is no wonder she could make it to this membership despite all the hurdles.

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