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5 Steps to study for New POA A Level Syllabus 9593

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Step 1: Practice the POA N and O Level Past Years Questions

A Level H2 POA Old Syllabus 9755 will have its last year to be examined in 2019. This Syllabus 9755 have not changed since year 2008, being examined for the past 11 years. For POA N and O Level, the syllabus changed since year 2015 and was examined under the new syllabus since then. The New Syllabus of POA N, O and A Level looks similar, with A Level covering more topics. Hence, POA A Level students taking the new syllabus should practice past years questions of the new syllabus of POA N and O Level from year 2015 onward.

You must keep the syllabus guide and keep it with you so as to be on track. Read on.

Step 3: Check out what have changed

In my previous blog, I have written on some of the key differences between the old syllabus 9755 and A Level POA new syllabus 9593, they are;

* Assumed use of Perpetual Inventory System instead of Periodic Inventory System

* Statement of Changes in Equity

* Abolishment of Par Value, Share Premium and Capital Redemption Reserve on Ordinary and Preference Shares

* Cost Flows on Prime Cost and Conversion Cost

* Capital Investment Analysis

Students should learn on these new stuff. One way is to go to National Library, get some books which explain on these and practice questions within these topics.

Step 4: Do Past Years Exam Questions from the POA A Level Old Syllabus 9755

I gauge that the A Level POA has changed 30%, meaning there is about 30% differences between the old syllabus 9755 and the new 9593. Its not a total change. Hence, you should get hold of the A Level Past Years Exam Questions from year 2003 if you are very hardworking or from year 2008 if you don't have much time to practice. Cross out those questions which are not relevant to the new syllabus. Practice those questions which are still relevant.

Step 5: Engage an Experienced Tutor on this subject to help you

From what you see above, its not easy to deal with this subject, more so difficult to deal with the new syllabus of it. Then again, not every student have the financial means to engage a personal tutor to attend to you once or twice a week, which should be the ideal. If that is the case, you should find an experienced and competent tutor whom is willing to be engaged by you on an ad-hoc or a less frequent basis, like once every 2 weeks.

Sue Kam has been tutoring A Level Principles of Accounting since year 2008 and is highly skillful and competent in this subject. I have helped many students improved many grades and do well in the actual GCE A Level POA exam. See my Testimonials. I accept engagement on ad hoc or on a less frequent basis like once every 2 weeks.

For Tuition Enquiries, SMS Sue Kam at 96323790 or email acctgcourses@gmail.com

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