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Oxford Brookes University BSc program which is in collaboration with ACCA will end in year 2026. Always check ACCA website for the latest updates https://www.accaglobal.com/gb/en/student/exam-entry-and-administration/oxford-brookes-bsc-hons-in-applied-accounting/completion-deadline---2026.html
Our Testament on Shan Bhavani
If there is one mentor whom has spent years helping numerous ACCA students and affiliates on pro-bono basis, that is Shan Bhavani. Shan is one of the very few whom has, through the years, volunteered himself as an ACCA Remote Workplace Mentor. There are only about 2 to 4 of such pro-bono Mentors in Singapore and Shan is one of these rare gem. We believe, students should engage Shan as your OBU Mentor as he would do his utmost for you. Shan is regarded by many of his mentees as the Best OBU Mentor! Scroll down to see the long list of testimonies his mentees gave him.

Engage Shan Bhavani for superb one-to-one OBU Mentorship, in person or remotely via various online channels.
Whatsapps: 65-96323790, or Email: admin@acca-tuition.com

3 Great Reasons on why you should engage Shan Bhavani as your OBU Mentor
  1. Shan has earned many praises, expressions of gratitude from his mentees, many of them regard Shan as the best OBU Mentor.
  2. As explained above, Shan has helped numerous students on pro-bono basis, which shows that he is not the kind whom is all out only for the money but he is sincerely here to help. 
  3. Shan has strong academic background, vast professional experiences and membership credibility, being a Chartered Accountant Singapore and FCCA (Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant).
Testimonials from Shan Bhavani's mentees:
"Dear Shan Sir, 
Sincerely thanks so much for your helping and guiding, without you, I won't make it in such a tight time limit. You are such an amazing mentor which I never met with all my previous project. Thanks so much. May God bless you and your family!", Lynna, Shan's mentee 2017.
"Thank you Sir for your kind, patience and wonderful coaching .... i feel very blessed to have engage u as my mentor.... I won't be able to graduate without your coaching:) Once again thank you and god bless you " Y. Akinawa, Shan's mentee 2017.
"It was you who kept encouraging and being so supportive thru out the last lap... Thank u mr shan." Nicolle, Shan's mentee.
"Is you ... make me where I am standing now. The BEST mentor ever I had, not only guiding, mentoring & giving me hope, but has given me extra knowledge, courage & motivation. Thank you very much, Shan." Delia Chai, Shan's mentee.
"Mr Shan is a good and responsible mentor. Under his guidance, I passed my OBU in one sitting. After obtaining my certification, I was promoted to a managerial role. Really appreciate the opportunities this course and Mr Shan has opened up for me.", Amy Tan, Shan's mentee 2020.
"Shan Bhavani is the best mentor one can possibly have.", N. Mildred
and many more.....
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